Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you can’t find what you need or have additional questions.  

There are two ways in which you can contact the Support Team.

  • Phone:  215-923-8611 ext. 742 is available Monday - Friday during regular work hours (9am-5pm ET)
  • Email: teamkidney@kidney.org


General Questions

Can anyone join the Team Kidney fundraising program?

If you are over 18, you may participate. If not, you will need the permission of a parent or guardian before signing up for Team Kidney.


How do I know which fundraising category is right for me?

You are welcome to sign up as a fundraiser in any category, but it’s best to read a little bit about each one before making your selection. For example, the Challenge Yourself category is typically selected by people who are planning to run a marathon, triathlon or other physically challenging event; the Celebrate Milestones category was designed with birthdays and weddings in mind, etc. If you are unsure what category is the best fit, you can do any type of activity in the Get Creative section!


Are there any activities I can’t do as part of my Team Kidney fundraiser?

We don’t allow any dangerous events (i.e., events involving guns, binge drinking, smoking or reckless behavior.) If you are unsure if your event qualifies, please feel free to contact us!


Is there a fee or fundraising requirement associated with Team Kidney?

For some Team Kidney Partnership events, there may be a registration fee. This is case-by-case. For any Team Kidney events you are creating yourself, there is no registration fee. We suggest you set a realistic fundraising goal for yourself and consider increasing your goal each time you meet it. The National Kidney Foundation values donations of every size and no effort goes unnoticed or unappreciated!


Can my Team Kidney Fundraising count toward my Kidney Walk team fundraising?

No. Funds raised through Team Kidney will stay with Team Kidney. 


Can funds raised through my Team Kidney fundraising be used to pay for event expenses?

No. Once funds are received through your Team Kidney page, they are considered donations and may not be used to pay expenses.


How do the funds I raise help?

The money you raise helps NKF promote awareness, prevention and treatment of kidney disease to millions of patients and their families, and tens of millions of Americans at risk. To learn more about the National Kidney Foundation and the work we do, please visit www.kidney.org


Technical Questions

I am having trouble signing up, finding a donor, completing a donation or logging into my account.

Please contact us at teamkidney@kidney.org and we can help you out!


I forgot my password.

Click here to reset it.


How do I log into my Fundraising Page?

From any page on the Team Kidney website, you can log in from the orange toolbar at the top of the page. The link to Log In is in the far right corner.  


How do I edit the text on my fundraising page?

When you are logged in to your Dashboard, which can be accessed from the navigation bar at the top of your screen, click on the "Edit Your Page" link under "Your Fundraising" on the right side of your page.


How do I upload my photo or video to my fundraising page?

When you are logged in to your Dashboard, which can be accessed from the navigation bar at the top of your screen, click "Edit Your Page." You can "Upload an Image" under "Your Fundraising Image." This will be your event image; not your profile photo.


Why does it take several minutes for my donations to show up on my page when I can see them on my Dashboard?

It may take a few minutes for all of the pages to refresh in order to show your donation. While in most cases your donation will show almost immediately, there can be a lag time of up to 15 minutes for a complete refresh. You can also refresh your browser as sometimes that is all it takes for the donation to show both to you and to visitors to your page.


Why does it take several minutes for my new images to show up on my profile or page when I can see them on my Dashboard?

It may take a few minutes for the website to refresh to show your newly uploaded photo. While in most cases the changes are reflected almost immediately, there can be a lag time of up to 15 minutes for a complete refresh. You can also refresh your browser as sometimes that is all it takes for the update to show both to you and to visitors to your page.


Can I change my personal URL?

Yes, and we recommend it! A custom URL is a great way to personalize your campaign. Plus, a shorter URL that includes your name or project name looks more sophisticated when you share it. When you are logged in to your Dashboard, click "Edit Your Page." You can update the last part of your page URL under "Page Alias."


Why was a long URL sent to me after I registered instead of the "Page Alias" I created?

The long URL is system generated. The page alias you created when registering is for you to use when sharing your page with your donors to make it easier to recognize and remember. 


Can I keep my fundraising web page available after my event/campaign is over?

If you select a specific date for your campaign, it will automatically close your page when that date has passed. If you did not select a specific date, your campaign will stay open through the end of the National Kidney Foundation's fiscal year (March 31st).


Who can I contact for help?

Email us at teamkidney@kidney.org or call our Support Team at 215.923.8611 ext. 742 and ask to speak with someone about Team Kidney fundraising.


Offline Fundraising Questions

Can I raise money offline and include it with my online fundraising total?

Yes. Not everyone is comfortable making a gift online so we encourage you to accept and mail in check donations. These donations need to be manually entered by the NKF team upon receipt.

To mail in your offline donations, please include an Offline Donation Form with each check. Place in an envelope and mail to:

National Kidney Foundation
c/o Team Kidney Fundraising Support
30 East 33rd Street, New York, NY 10016


What do I do with cash donations?

Please do not mail cash to The National Kidney Foundation

If you receive cash donations, we highly recommend that you deposit the money and either make out a check or send a money order for that same amount. Be sure to fill out your offline pledge form and send it in with your check or money order so that we can issue tax receipts. You can also make a credit card donation to your page. In this case, we will not be able to track the individual names of your donors, and therefore, we can’t issue tax receipts. 


Do matching gifts count toward my fundraising total?

Yes! Matching gifts are a great way to increase donations. Click here to see if your company will match employee contributions. Encourage your donors to do the same.

Don’t see your employer on the list?

Contact donations@kidney.org for more information on how your business can participate in the matching gifts program.


How do I let you know if I have a matching gift?

Many employers sponsor matching gift programs and will match donations made by their employees. If your employer has this program, check with your HR department for your company's matching gift application, fill it out, and turn it in to us with your donation. We’ll take care of the rest. Once your matching gift has been sent in and processed, you will receive an email.


Marketing & Promotions

How do the social media icons on my fundraising page work?

In the “Get the Word Out” sharing box, you can click on the Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or Google+ icons to share your page. When you click on any of these buttons, a pop up box will allow you to enter your own personal message and then submit to your social media venue of choice. Once shared, it will include a link back to your page so friends and family can check it out and donate towards your personal campaign!


Can I use the NKF or Team Kidney logo in my promotional efforts (e.g. on signs and flyers)?

But of course! We have a page on our website that lists all of our logos for your use. Also, log into your dashboard and go to the “Resources” tab. We will be updating that section with promotional materials specifically for you to use. 


Do you have merchandise available for my event?

You can view our website for available merchandise that you can purchase and give out at your event. 


Do you have information about Kidney Disease I can use/distribute at my event?

Check out our store for pamphlets and other documents at our NKF store. 

Get The Word Out