Chronic kidney disease (CKD) is a tremendous challenge in public and global health and affects all of us in some capacity – it could be anyone of us, it could be a friend, a family member, or a colleague! 

For this reason, I could not act differently than to follow the invitation of the National Kidney Foundation (NKF) to join Team Kidney and run the 50th New York City Marathon to support their mission.

Running has become a real passion of mine over the last 5 years and joining the fundraising efforts of the NKF is inspired by my work at the Renal Research Institute. The work at the institute in different capacities over the last 17 years of my career has not only allowed me to further research trying to find ways to improve the lives of the millions of people suffering from chronic kidney disease across the globe, but also opened my eyes to the need of the community for advocates like the NKF.

I witness first-hand every day the importance of patient support, advocacy, initiatives, and the promotion of research to further our insights into how to keep on improving lives - consequently it came naturally to me to support NKF’s important mission by raising attention and awareness to this critical cause.  

The work of the National Kidney Foundation takes a great role with all its important functions and supporting such organizations is central to their work supporting the well-being of those in need. 

By the time I will be running the marathon on November 7th it is my goal is to have raised $3,000 to promote and support the goals of the NKF, including the support for research and find new ways to improve the lives of those who need our help.  I invite you to invest in this important cause. Will you join me?