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A personal campaign by Bob Kuykendall and Greg Hasberry

January 1, 2017

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mountain [#Mountain]
In 2015, after four years of struggling through life-saving kidney dialysis, Greg Hasberry received a kidney from his living donor, Bob Kuykendall.
material here will be updated weekly, so please come back. 

UPDATE: 12/15: As we begin a new week and begin training for the climb, we need to express thanks to our business supporters. Ironically, as we were denied by several large corporations, these 3 companies came to us. They are each companies with which we interact, and they heard our story and offered support. It was refreshing to us that in a world where it's hard to get humans to slow down and consider the needs of their neighbors, these businesses (which are formed to make money) lended a hand. Please support our supporters! 

Alabama Outdoors; ARC Realty; Planet Fitness

Following our challenging but successful recoveries, we were both left with a desire to do more; to somehow use the experience to motivate and inspire others to overcome their own struggles - mental, physical, emotional or spiritual in nature. In addition, of course, we hope to raise awareness of kidney disease, organ donation, and especially living organ donation.

Our stories are a little different, and our challenges came from different sources, but we both have a firm belief that God brought the individual struggles together, not only for the successful transplant, but for the newly combined fight we plan to carry out for you, and with you, as you face your own "mountains."

Our mountain will be a literal one, in fact the tallest freestanding mountain in the world, Mount Kilimanjaro. Because I'm (bob) so inspired myself by Greg's progress, I couldn't imagine NOT letting my son witness the journey in person, so my fourteen year-old, Cade, will be joining the climb.

Please take the journey with us by taking a second to identify your own mountain of the moment and making the climb while we prepare for ours. And in support of those who are facing the fight against failing kidneys, a challenge they did not ask for but are forced to battle, please consider making a tax-deductable donation to the NKF. 100% of your dollars will go to support kidney research and the National Kidney Foundation.

Thank you!

Greg & Bob