In Loving Memory of Steve Samson

A personal campaign by Adam and Daniel Samson

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Steve Samson

Steve was the loving father of two sons. An advocate and champion of so many more. Someone who has left an indelible mark on this world through his self-less devotion to caring for family, friends, strangers -- anyone who crossed his path. 

He fought tirelessly for years with heart and kidney disease, but never once complained about his condition. Instead, he preferred to make friends with the many doctors, nurses, medical students, staff, and everyone that he met along his journey. 

It's in that memory that we have started a fundraising campaign at the National Kidney Foundation. It is imperative that we raise awareness of kidney disease - both to improve prevention and outcomes for patients. 

The NKF accomplishes that goal through outreach programs and by sponsoring research into the field of nephrology. 

We know this is something he would be incredibly proud of, and we are so appreciative for donations in his name. 

-Adam and Daniel Samson


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