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On Sunday February 27th, I was invited to set up shop at Forgotten Boardwalk’s Spice of Life Annually Charity event to raise awareness for organ donation.  Joined by The National Kidney Foundation and Gift of Life Donor program, Forgotten Boardwalk opened its doors to the community and featured games, delicious food from Hog Day Afternoon, and of course a fine section of specially crafted beers, including a few created just for this event.  Let's raise money for this important cause and support all the wonderful guests on this BONUS episode of Causepods!

Take a listen to the episode here!

Guest 1 - Seth and Sharron Dolled

This event was the brain child of Seth Dolled, a sales guy for the brewery who donated his kidney 13 years ago to a special guest who sat down with me, Sharon Dolled, Seth’s Mom. 

Just one new donor can have a huge impact, but many more than that left having made a commitment to be an organ donor from that day on. 

Guest 2 - Andrea Giannini

To better understand how organ donations work, I spoke with Andrea Giannini, development manager for national kidney foundation’s Delaware valley office, about their campaign, the big ask, the big give regarding living donations like the one Seth made to his mom. 

Guest - Jason Nothdurft

Still not convinced that you can live a perfectly happy life after donating your kidney.  Jason Nothdurft who in full disclosure, was the one who invited me to come out and produce this podcast episode, but decided to donate his kidney to someone in need, and who said it was the best decision he ever made to give. 

Guest - Whitney Place

OK, I get it, still a biased opinion.  Well what about Whitney, who I had no pre-existing relationship with and who’s decision to donate had a surprising and positive ripple effect in her life. 

Guest - Jenna Tesauro

While there, I also sat down with Jenna, who has family that works at Forgotten Boardwalk but also thinks it’s so important for people to register as Organ donors now. 

Guest - Satyra Oberfrank

And I get it, hearing this may not make you want to run out and just randomly give away your kidney, although hopefully you realize now that you could if someone in need comes calling.  But this whole event should also convince you that being an organ donor, checking that box on your drivers license can save so many.  Satyra Oberfrank, a volunteer at the Gift of Life Donor program dispels some myths about being an organ donor and why there’s really no reason you can’t.  And also, why as a living organ donor, she is just awesome. 

Guest - Evan Wasylyk

And lastly, I want to make sure we give a lot of props to the good folks at Forgotten Boardwalk who put on this awesome event.  Evan Wasylyk is the head brewer and talks about some of the special brews made for just this event, and a few others that piqued my curiosity.  I’ll share a picture of the list, but let’s start with the Lady #8, brewed specifically for this event 5 years ago. 

Guest - Jamie Queli

And lastly, but certainly not least, Jamie Queli, Owner and CEO of Forgotten Boardwalk on why this charity event is a celebration.  Also, why her roots and charitable nature have not been forgotten amid all of her success with this the company.