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A personal campaign by Stephen King

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The Robert King Memorial Fundraising Page for the National Kidney Foundation (NKF)

Our dad struggled with kidney disease for over a decade and it ultimately was the primary cause of his death, so we started this page in his honor. The journey for someone diagnosed with kidney disease is often times long and difficult. NKF’s work helps make the journey a little easier those living with kidney disease, as well as those who care for and about them.

Over the past two decades, the face of kidney disease has been rapidly evolving. Landmark developments in nephrology have created new approaches to treatment, and groundbreaking information regarding prevention has altered the world’s understanding of the disease. NKF is leading the way in fighting this disease, leveraging their knowledge and experience to focus on building awareness, increasing prevention, and improving treatment of kidney disease.

Your donation will honor our dad’s battle with kidney disease and spread hope for the future. It will also help raise vital awareness to people at risk for kidney disease as early detection is critical.  

Every donation is a tribute to our dad and meaningful to our family. We would be grateful for your support to help fight kidney disease.

Thank you! 

The King Children David, Steve, Kate & Suzie