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Welcome to my Take 5, Give 5 Page!

Thanks to everyone who helped me raise my goal and then some! It's not my ambition to keep orange hair, but for each $100 raised beyond 1k, I'll keep the crazy hair for one extra week. So if you're either interested in helping those who rely on the National Kidney Foundation for support, or seeing me with Kitschy orange hair for longer, or maybe both then thank you for supporting my 'Take 5 Give 5' campaign.

If you'd like to find out what my campaign was all about feel free to read more below:

I’m taking a break from 'COVID-19' to do something fun. At the start of CORONA my wife asked me not to cut my hair, to see what it looks like longer. It's pretty long and scraggly now and I think it's high time it came off!

My wife, Hilary, has promised to give $250 to the National Kidney Foundation if I keep it. So here's the game. If I raise more than $250 I get a hair cut (until then, I have to keep it). If I raise the goal of over $500 I will not only get my hair cut, I'll shave it to a Mohawk! If I raise over $750 I will dye said Mohawk orange (NKF color) and post the video here. Give Dan T. an NKF Mowhawk, and support kidney patients and transplant recipients who are especially vulnerable at this time.

The deadline for this challenge is July 5 (The day after Independence Day for my American friends). Help give my hair it's independence!

Each donation is meaningful, and I would be grateful for your support to help NKF stand by the kidney community when they need it most.

Thank you!