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Getting to the Root of Kidney Disease and Kidney Health with Africana Dancercize

A personal campaign by Tracey Amadi

November 15, 2020

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  Get to the Root to Kidney Disease & Kidney                   Health with Africana Dancercize                     

        What: Live Stream African Dance Class

               When: Sunday, November 15th

                      Time: 10 am to 11:30 am                                                Donation: $20.00

What happens after you make a donation? When your make your donation please email me at [email protected] and leave your email address so I can forward you the login details the day before the event.  The Live Stream event will take place on this page.   Thank you!                                                              

I’m using my live stream to raise funds to support the National Kidney Foundation. I am included in the 37 million Americans living with chronic kidney disease and there are millions of people who are at risk, and those who care for and about them.

Did you know that 1 in 3 American adults are at risk for kidney disease? Major risk factors include diabetes, high blood pressure, a family history of kidney failure and being age 60 or older. Kidney disease often has no symptoms, and it can go undetected until very advanced. But a simple test can tell you if you have kidney disease.

In 2008 I was diagnosed with FSGS and was on dialysis for five years at a dialysis center. I was in and out the hospital for various reasons and lost a lot of weight. My son and I participated in the Live Kidney Exchange Program at St. Barnabas Hospital in Livingston, New Jersey.  Even though my kidney function started to decline I was doing relatively well until April 2020 when emergency surgery knocked at the remaining kidney function and I had to go back on dialysis. This time around I decided to do home hemodialysis. I feel great while I wait for a kidney and I want to show there is life during dialysis.

I’m sharing my live stream channel to raise funds to advance the cure of kidney disease and "To Get to the Root of Kidney Health."

Each and every donation will touch many lives. Help me bring awareness of kidney disease and kidney health.

Thank you!

One voice can change the minds of many. A few pair of hands can feed a village. 

The Power of We can change the world. We all are connected by the tapestry of humanity. By TA

  Get to the Root of Kidney Disease and Kidney                  Health with Africana Dancercize                   


Instructor's Biography

Jailyn Phillips-Wiley is an immersive and versatile dance artist hailing from northern New Jersey. She started training for professional dancing at the age of 8 by joining a pre-professional West African and modern dance company under the direction of Karen Love. While attending high school at the Union County Academy of Performing Arts in Scotch Plains, NJ, Jailyn had the opportunity to train more intensely in modern, ballet, jazz, and musical theater. While studying at Rutgers, Jailyn has had the privilege of working with choreographers such as Shannon Gillen, Dawn Marie Bazemore, Randy James, Chein-Ying Wang and Paul O'Campo. While in her third year in Mason Gross, Wiley studied in Israel for ten months working with and studying under up in coming choreographers in the country such as Roni Chadash and Mats Van Rossum. Wiley also had the chance to study Gaga technique from previous dancers in the Batsheva Dance Company. These ten months also came with the opportunity to learn and perform repertoire from Ohad Naharin, Noa Wertheim (Vertigo Dance Comapny), and Noa Zuk at the Suzanne Dellal Theatre in Tel Aviv. In March 2020, Jailyn recieved the Margery J Turner Choreography Prize from the Mason Gross dance department for her senior thesis work "Chip Skylark" as an example of outstanding choreography. Wiley values of all forms of dance that exists with the unique benefit of expanding movement vocabulary.

       Click on the Donate Now button at the top of the page and make your donation   and "Get to the Root of Kidney Disease and Kidney Health with Africana Dancercize"                                               on Sunday,November 15th