In Loving Memory of Steve Samson

A personal campaign by Adam and Daniel Samson

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steven waxman donated $100.00 12/12/2016 The least we could do for such a wonderful family
Anonymous donated $150.00 12/07/2016
Michael Nourafshan donated $50.00 12/06/2016
Anonymous donated $30.00 12/04/2016
Marissa Piazzola made a donation 12/02/2016
Barry Denenberg donated $200.00 12/02/2016 Our Deepest Sympathies to the Samson Family. Our thoughts are with you.
Barry and Laura Denenberg (friends of Glenn and Julie)
Anonymous donated $10.00 11/29/2016
Anonymous donated $180.00 11/29/2016
Anonymous donated $25.00 11/28/2016
Anonymous donated $50.00 11/28/2016
Navin Thawani donated $50.00 11/27/2016 Dan,

We're all here for you and look forward to seeing you back on campus. Our thoughts and prayers are with your entire family. Take care, brother.

- Navin
Chris Musser donated $25.00 11/23/2016 Dan,

I'm so very sorry, brother. I cannot imagine the pain you are experiencing. I have been, and will continue to pray for you and your family.

While it sounds incredibly trite, if there is anything I or anyone in the class can do, we want to help. We are here for you, my friend.

Joshua Sarkozi donated $36.00 11/23/2016 Always with hope....
Patricia Muldoon donated $25.00 11/22/2016 Adam and Daniel:

My condolences on the loss of your dad. Words are always insufficient at times like these. I know he is proud of your fundraising efforts. With loving support -
Anonymous donated $10.00 11/21/2016
Anonymous donated $10.00 11/21/2016
Bryan Vodicka donated $25.00 11/20/2016
Anonymous donated $100.00 11/20/2016 With love and peace
Anonymous donated $50.00 11/19/2016
Anonymous donated $50.00 11/19/2016

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